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Table 1 Distribution of exon positions in RefSeq transcripts and in the exon datasets

From: Exon expression profiling reveals stimulus-mediated exon use in neural cells

Exon position Percentage in RefSeq database Percent in KCl exon P value Percentage in TPG exon P value
Initial 9.96 12.79 3.550 × e-15* 12.63 5.030 × e-11*
Internal 79.79 67.24 1 68.98 1
Final 10.25 19.97 0* 18.40 0*
  1. RefSeq exons were classified as initial, internal, or final according their presence in RefSeq transcripts. Constituents of the potassium chloride (KCl) and thapsigargin (TPG) exon datasets were mapped to these definitions. *P values showing statistical significance for enrichment of transcript features through a binomial test.