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Table 4 Genes expressed in mechanosensory neurons are differentially detected in the larval pan-neural dataset versus the larval A-class dataset

From: Cell-specific microarray profiling experiments reveal a comprehensive picture of gene expression in the C. elegans nervous system

Cosmid name Gene name Fold change Description
   Pan-neural A-class  
F14D12.4 mec-2 2.9 - Prohibitins and stomatins of the PID superfamily
F01D4.6 mec-3 2.6 - Transcription factor, contains HOX domain
T01C8.7 mec-4 2.7 - Non voltage-gated ion channels (DEG/ENaC family)
W02D3.3 mec-6 1.9 - Unnamed protein
ZK154.3 mec-7 3.6 - Beta-tubulin
F16F9.5 mec-10 1.8 - Non-voltage-gated ion channels (DEG/ENaC family)
F57H12.7 mec-17 7.6 - Uncharacterized conserved protein
C52B9.9 mec-18 3.1 - Acyl-CoA synthetase
C44B11.3 mec-12 5.9 1.9 Alpha-tubulin