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Figure 10

From: Cell-specific microarray profiling experiments reveal a comprehensive picture of gene expression in the C. elegans nervous system

Figure 10

Interactome map of pan-neural genes. The C. elegans interactome contains functional and physical interactions for over 5,000 proteins. A comparison to the 711 transcripts enriched in both embryonic pan-neural (EP) and larval pan-neural (LP) datasets (see Figure 8) revealed a single large interaction cluster (see Materials and methods). Bold lettering denotes enriched transcripts and italics marks EGs detected in at least one of the pan-neural datasets. Gray letters refer to transcripts not found in either dataset. Black lines represent interactions isolated by yeast two-hybrid assay, red lines depict known interactions listed in worm Proteome Database (literature), and green lines denote in silico searches against orthologous pairs (interolog). Black arrows point from bait to prey. Arrowheads indicate self-interactions. Protein functions are denoted with colored circles (see key at bottom). The dashed black line demarcates two subgroups of interacting proteins, nucleic acid binding (above) versus synaptic transmission (below). See text for additional information.

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