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Table 5 Mouse models of colon cancer

From: Transcriptional recapitulation and subversion of embryonic colon development by mouse colon tumor models and human colon cancer

Model Mm strain N Tumor-generating laboratory
Azoxymethane (AOM) A × B 14 Threadgill
Apc Min/+ (SWR × B6) F1 2 Dove
Apc Min/+ (BR × B6) F1 2 Dove
Apc Min/+ C57BL/6 5 Groden
Smad3 -/- 129 6 Graff
Smad3 -/- 129 7 Coffey
Tgfb1-/-; Rag2-/- C57BL/6 3 Doetschman
  1. Tumors from four established mouse models of CRC (ApcMin/+, AOM, Smad3-/- and Tgfb1-/-; Rag2-/- were analyzed. The table provides details on the mouse strains used for the four models, as well as information on the number of samples generated per model and sample-originating laboratory.