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Table 2 Detailed cluster analysis: differential and statistically significant biological functions in clusters C8-C10

From: Transcriptional recapitulation and subversion of embryonic colon development by mouse colon tumor models and human colon cancer

Cluster no. Number of PS Reference Biology Example genes
8 1,240 Adult RNA post-transcriptional modification, cell cycle, cellular assembly and organization, DNA replication/recombination/repair, cancer, molecular transport, protein traffic and synthesis, cellular development, gastrointestinal disease, IGF-1 signaling, Wnt-signaling Mitosis (Ask, Birc5, Bcra1, Cdc2, Cdk4, Chek1, Mad2l1, Mif, Plk1), DNA mismatch repair (Hgmb1, Msh2, Pcna, Rev1l, Xrcc5), cell transformation (Cdc37, Id2, Myc), cell proliferation (Ctnnb1, Pcna, Plat, Plk1, Rala, Top2a), colorectal cancer (Birc5, Brca1, Cdc37, Myc, Top53), IGF-1 signaling (Igf1, Igfb4, Mapk1, Prkc, Ptpn11), Wnt signaling (Csnk1a1, Csnk2a1, Ctnnb1, Gs3kb, Myc, Nlk, Tcf3, Tcf4)
9 1,676 Adult Protein synthesis, RNA-post transcriptional modification, cancer, connective tissue development and function, embryonic development, organ morphology, tissue morphology, cell-to-cell signaling and interaction, tissue development Protein synthesis (Csf1, Eif5, Gadd45g, Itgb1, Sars, Tnf, Traf6), transformation (Ccnd1), formation of hepatoma cell line (Hras, Pin1, Shfm1), cell growth (Nrp1, Tnf), invasion of lymphoma cell line (Itgb1, Itgb2), proliferation of ovarian cancer cell lines (Fst, Hras, Itgfb5, Sod2, Sparc), fibroblast cell cycle progression (Ccnf, E2f5, Hras, Map4, Rhoa, Skil), survival of epiblast (Dag1, Itgb1), cell adhesion (Icam1, Itgb1, Itgb2, Lu, Rhoa, Tnf)
10 1,051 Adult Cell cycle, cellular assembly and organization, DNA replication, recombination/repair, cellular function and maintenance, cancer, cardiovascular system development and function, gene expression, immunological disease, digestive system development and function, activin/inhibin signaling Cell cycle (Cdk2, Ccnd3, Siah), exocytosis (Nos3, Snap23, Stx6, Vamp2), Burkitt's lymphoma (Dmtf1), cell transformation (Mmp2, Pecam1), angiogenesis (Mdk, Nos3), activation of RNA (Hrsp12, Rps6kb1), development of gastrointestinal tract (Pdgfra, Sptbn1), activin/inhibin signaling (Acvr2b, Bmpr1b, Inha, Map3k7, Mapk8, Tgfbr1)
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