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Table 2 First induced/repressed pathway and first induced/repressed elementary mode in particular stress conditions

From: Observing metabolic functions at the genome scale

Stress condition First pathway P value First elementary mode (EM1) P value
Ash [34], repressed sce00230 (purine metabolism) 2.7e-8 sce00230.em279 (part of purine metabolism) 1e-11
Pentanol [34], repressed sce00230 (purine metabolism) 3.3e-6 sce00230.em341 (part of purine metabolism) 1.8e-8
Tetrachloro-isophthalonitrile [34], repressed sce00230 (purine metabolism) 2.5e-8 sce00230.em280 (part of purine metabolism) 3.3e-10
Stationary phase [33], induced sce00020 (citrate cycle) 3.4e-14 sce00020.em36 (part of citrate cycle) 5.9e-16
Heat shock [32], induced sce00500 (starch and sucrose metabolism) 3.8e-4 sce00500.em13 (part of starch and sucrose metabolism) 4.2e-6
  1. Results given by BlastSets for particular conditions. The second column gives the most significant full KEGG pathway found to be induced/repressed (that is, the one with the lowest P value, given in the third column). The fourth column gives the most significant elementary mode from EM1 found to be induced/repressed. These results are sorted from the highest to the lowest difference between the two P values.