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Table 1 The Pfam domains having many combination partners in animal-specific combinations

From: Evolutionary history and functional implications of protein domains and their combinations in eukaryotes

Pfam ID Number of partners Group specificity Definition
Pkinase 37 Com Protein kinase domain
SH2 19 Euk SH2 domain
Laminin_EGF 18 Euk Laminin EGF-like (domains III and V)
C1_1 17 Euk Phorbol esters/diacylglycerol binding domain (C1 domain)
RA 12 Euk Ras association (RalGDS/AF-6) domain
Spectrin 11 Euk Spectrin repeat
PSI 11 Euk Plexin repeat
C1_3 10 Euk C1-like domain
PID 09 Ani Phosphotyrosine interaction domain (PTB/PID)
Homeobox 09 Euk Homeobox domain
zf-B_box 08 Euk B-box zinc finger
LRRNT 08 Ani Leucine rich repeat amino-terminal domain
zf-MYND 07 Euk MYND finger
RasGEF 07 Euk RasGEF domain
DEAD 07 Com DEAD/DEAH box helicase
cNMP_binding 06 Com Cyclic nucleotide-binding domain
Y_phosphatase 06 Euk Protein-tyrosine phosphatase
WAP 06 Ani WAP-type (whey acidic protein) 'four-disulfide core'
UBA 06 Com UBA/TS-N domain
ResIII 06 Com Type III restriction enzyme, res subunit
PWWP 06 Euk PWWP domain
MIB_HERC2 06 Euk Mib_herc2
LRRCT 06 Ani Leucine rich repeat carboxyl-terminal domain
LIM 06 Euk LIM domain
KH_1 06 Com KH domain
HECT 06 Euk HECT-domain (ubiquitin-transferase)
DUF1136 06 Ani Repeat of unknown function (DUF1136)
Band_41 06 Euk FERM domain (Band 4.1 family)
  1. Shown are hub domains preferentially found in animal-specific combinations. We defined hub domains that are preferentially found in animal-specific combinations as those found in animal-specific combinations more than twice as frequently as in deuterostome-specific combinations. Regarding the group specificity of the domains, the terms 'Euk', 'Ani', and 'Deu' refer to eukaryote, animal, and deuterostome, respectively. 'Com' indicates that the domain is shared by prokaryotes and eukaryotes.