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Table 5 Strains used in this study

From: The Sas3p and Gcn5p histone acetyltransferases are recruited to similar genes

Strain Genotype Source
YPH250 MATa, ura3-52, lys2-801, ade2-101,trp1-Δ1,his3-Δ200, leu2Δ1 [53]
MW671 MATa, ura3-52, lys2-801, ade2-101, trp1-Δ63,his3-Δ200, leu2Δ1, rpc160Δ1::HIS3, pC160-240 (TRP1 CEN4 HA3-RPC160) [54]
BY4742 MATα, ura3Δ0, lys2Δ0, his3Δ1, leu2Δ0 [55]
BQS1350 BY4742 GCN5-MYC13-KanMX6 This work
BQS1217 BY4742 SAS3-HA6-HIS3 This work
BQS1218 BY4742 HPA2-HA6-HIS3 This work
BQS1197 BY4742 NUT1-HA6-HIS3 This work
BQS1343 BY4742 ELP3-HA6-HIS3 This work
BQS1451 BY4742 SAS2-HA6-HIS3 This work
BQS1181 BY4742 gcn5Δ::KanMX4 This work
BQS1389 BY4742 sas3Δ::KanMX4 This work