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Figure 4

From: The Sas3p and Gcn5p histone acetyltransferases are recruited to similar genes

Figure 4

Correlation between Gcn5p, Sas3p, Sas2 and Hpa2 occupancies and acetylated H3K14 enriched regions. Occupancies from (a) Gcn5p, (b) Sas3p, (c) Sas2p and (d) Hpa2p were calculated as in Figure 2. Acetylation at Lys14 of histone H3 was obtained by two ChIP-chip experiments. The first was performed by immunoprecipitating WCE with an antibody that recognizes the carboxyl termini of histone H3 (α-H3Ct) and the other one by immunoprecipitating with α-K14acH3. Ratios from the α-K14acH3 ChIP-chip experiment and the control from the α-H3Ct ChIP-chip experiment were calculated, and their moving median was obtained over a sliding window of 100 ORFs ordered by Gcn5p, Sas3p, Sas2p or Hpa2 occupancy.

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