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Table 4 Proteins identified within the soluble sub-proteome of O. anthropi containing predicted export signal peptides

From: A semi-quantitative GeLC-MS analysis of temporal proteome expression in the emerging nosocomial pathogen Ochrobactrum anthropi

Accesion no. (NCBI) Function Signal peptide
17982947 Methionyl-tRNA synthetase MSPLTNFFS RAYHA
17983887 Dihydroxy-acid dehydratase MKMPPYRSRTTTHGRNMAGA
17982453* Hypothetical protein (immunoreactive 28 kDa omp) MNTRASNFLAASFSTIMLVGAFSLPAFA
17983949 3-Deoxy-manno-oculosonate cytidylyltransferase MVLLPPRKTARVGTRRKPVFLSQTCANG
17984491* Lipoprotein (ABC transporter substrate binding protein) MSSVLSRYALTRRAGLK ALLFTAAALTVGFASAPSHA
27353255 Transriptional regulatory protein MRAFTRFSYSHS
17982679 Protein translation elongation factor Tu MCWRLSGSRTKRTTAMA
17982015* Malate dehydrogenase MRKETIMARNK IALIGSGMIGG TLA
17982340* Periplasmic dipeptide transport protein precursor MGCARQAFPWRRTIMKFYQK LLAATALVALMSGA ASA
17982205 Transketolase MLCVPLPSGASSR KAA
17982141 ATP synthase F1, beta chain MAKAATPKTTAAAEA
17982826 DNA-binding protein HU alpha MPMNKNELVA
17982154* Leucine, isoleucine, valine, threonine and alanine binding protein MGVPTMRKTLFSGVALAAVIAFGGSAWA
17983192* General L-amino acid-binding periplasmic protein AAPJ precursor MKKTLMTGVLGAAALFGIASGASA
17982682 50S ribosomal protein L11 MAKKVAGQLKLQVPAGA
17983290 Dihydrodipicolinate synthase MLGVPSICFRSSRMLKGSITA
86283673* Dipeptide ABC transporter, substrate binding MMITRLSRKFR LLSAGAALSLLMMAAPSAFA
  1. Putative signal peptides were predicted as described by Tjalsma et al. [47] and Pugsley [48]. *Proteins likely to be secreted via the Sec pathway. Signal peptide: the hydrophobic H-domain is in italics; positively charged amino acids are underlined; the signal peptide cleavage sites comprise the last three amino acid residues and are in bold.