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Table 2 Significance of YMF results for tissue/stage-specific subsets

From: Large-scale analysis of transcriptional cis-regulatory modules reveals both common features and distinct subclasses

Tissue/stage* Number of CRMs P value
All REDfly analysis CRMs 280 3.54E-11
Random non-coding 280 1
Blastoderm 51 6.53E-04
Non-blastoderm 207 1.02E-05
Mesoderm 24 0.78
Embryo 128 9.00E-07
Non-embryo 123 0.07
Larva 32 1
Neuronal 22 0.31
  1. *See Figure S1-1 in Additional data file 1). Only CRMs uniquely assigned to the tissue or stage are included here. Kolmogorov-Smirnov test. P values for subsets are Bonferroni-corrected. Values in bold are significant.