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Table 3 Gene co-expression in known and predicted human PPI networks

From: Unequal evolutionary conservation of human protein interactions in interologous networks

Dataset Mean correlation n
Known human 0.241 5,201
Predicted, overlapping 0.408 242
Predicted, non-overlapping 0.412 4,571
Predicted, >1 org 0.717 115
Random 0.09 10,000
  1. Gene expression analysis was performed on the human GeneAtlas [37]. 'Predicted, overlapping' are interactions predicted from model organisms, and also found in the known human dataset. 'Predicted, non-overlapping' are novel predictions not found in the known human interaction databases. 'Predicted, >1 org' are PPIs inferred from more than one model organism, regardless of overlap with the known human PPI network.