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Table 1 Significant pathways for oncogenic gene signatures

From: Revealing signaling pathway deregulation by using gene expression signatures and regulatory motif analysis

Pathway TFs Significant TFs P value
E2F3 gene signature    
   E2F DP-1, E2F, p53 DP-1, E2F <0.001
   Caspases CREB, Max, SRF, p53, AP-2α AP-2α <0.001
Myc gene signature    
   AhR AhR, ER-α, Sp1, p300, NF-κB, Arnt AhR, Sp1, NF-κB, Arnt <0.001
   HIF-1 p53, p300, HIF-1α, HNF-4α2, Arnt HIF-1α, Arnt <0.001
   Notch Max, LEF-1, p300, c-Myc Max, c-Myc <0.001
   EGF c-Fos, Elk-1, Sp1, STAT3, c-Jun, STAT1α, c-Myc Sp1, c-Myc 0.002
   Caspases CREB, Max, SRF, p53, AP-2α Max, AP-2α 0.002
   c-Kit MITF, Sp1, Tal-1, p300, GATA-1 MITF, Sp1, Tal-1 0.006
Ras gene signature    
   AhR AhR, ER-α, Sp1, p300, NF-κB, Arnt Sp1, NF-κB <0.001
   Apoptosis p53, FOXO3a, NF-κB p53, NF-κB 0.001
   Caspases CREB, Max, SRF, p53, AP-2α CREB, p53, AP-2α 0.004
   RANK MITF, PU.1, c-Jun, NF-κB PU.1, NF-κB 0.008
   TNFα AP-1, NF-κB AP-1, NF-κB 0.009
   TLR4 CREB, CRE-BP2, STAT1, Elk-1, p300, IRF-3, IRF-7, NF-κB CREB, CRE-BP2, NF-κB 0.015
   MAPK CREB, Elk-1, p53, c-Jun, c-Myc CREB, p53 0.023
   TLR3 CRE-BP2, p300, c-Jun, IRF-3, IRF-7, NF-κB CRE-BP2, NF-κB 0.034
   p38 ELk-1, p53, MITF, PPAR-α, CHOP-10, Max, CREB, PU.1, MRF4, HNF-1α, CRE-BP2, NF-AT2, STAT3 p53, PPAR-α, CHOP-10, CREB, PU.1, CRE-BP2 0.035
   Stress PPAR-γ, c-Ets-1, PPAR-α, Max, NF-AT2, HSF1, c-Jun, Elk-1, p53, CHOP-10, CREB, CRE-BP2, RXR-α, HNF-1α, STAT3, MRF4 PPAR-α, p53, CHOP-10, CREB, CRE-BP2 0.037