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Table 3 Genes related to oligodendrocyte differentiation are differentially expressed in Nfia-/- mice at P16

From: Gene expression analysis of nuclear factor I-A deficient mice indicates delayed brain maturation

Gene name Fold change of mRNA expression in Nfia-/- versus Nfia+/+ micea Reference
Genes typically expressed in oligodendrocyte precursors or related to de-differentiation of precursor cells
   Hmgb2 1.92 [45]
   Sox2 1.28 [46]
   Sox4 1.33/1.44 [47]
   Sox11 1.88/2.22 [47]
   Tenascin-C 1.47 [48]
   Myef2b 1.2 [39]
Genes typically expressed in mature oligodendrocytes or related to terminal oligodendrocyte differentiation
   Mobp -2.11/-2.10/-1.99/-1.98 [49]
   Mal -2.43 [50]
   Mog -1.95 [51]
   Claudin 11 -1.67 [52]
   Plp1 -1.58 [53]
   Ugt8 -1.54/-1.45 [50]
   Mag -1.52 [53]
   Dio2c -1.43 [38]
   Car2 -1.35 [54]
  1. aAccording to microarray analysis; for genes represented by more than one probe set, the individual fold changes for each probe set are given. bIndirect link to oligodendrocyte maturation (My-EF2 can repress expression of myelin basic protein). cIndirect link to oligodendrocyte maturation (Dio2 catalyzes thyroxine to tri-iodothyronine conversion, and tri-iodothyronine triggers terminal differentiation of oligodendrocytes). P16, postnatal day 16.