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Table 3 Rank of correct class single-localized and multi-localized sequences using a 7-gram model

From: ngLOC: an n-gram-based Bayesian method for estimating the subcellular proteomes of eukaryotes

  Rank of correct class
  1 2 3 4
Single-localized only 88.8a 92.2 94.5 96.3
CYT-NUC: 1 correct 88.2a 96.1 99.5 100.0
CYT-NUC: both correct   66.5a 82.9 96.3
All multi-localized: 1 correct 81.9a 92.0 96.1 97.4
All multi-localized: both correct   59.7a 73.8 83.2
  1. This table shows the percent of the data that had the correct localization predicted within the top r most probable classes, where r is the rank of the correct class. aItems representing the overall accuracy of ngLOC on those sequences specified. CYT, cytoplasm; NUC, nuclear.