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Figure 5

From: Deciphering the molecular machinery of stem cells: a look at the neoblast gene expression profile

Figure 5

Real-time PCR analysis of expression of 10 selected genes differentially regulated in 30 Gy irradiated planarians and controls. (a-c) Expression levels are indicated in relative folds, assuming a value of 1 for untreated specimens (control). Values are expressed as mean ± standard deviation of six independent samples collected at each experimental condition conducted in duplicate. Genes are grouped in different charts according to the trend of their expression level in the analyzed samples. (d) Plot analysis of the fold-change (30 Gy versus untreated controls) measured by real time reverse transcription (RT) polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) versus the fold change measured on the arrays. Values are represented in logarithmic scale. R2 = 0.9851.

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