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Figure 4

From: Deciphering the molecular machinery of stem cells: a look at the neoblast gene expression profile

Figure 4

Screenshot of Eisen's clustering based on 65 genes differentially regulated in 5 Gy and 30 Gy irradiated planarians and controls. The 65 genes are clustered by sample grouping (horizontal bars: cyan for controls, yellow for 5 Gy group, and orange for 30 Gy group). Clustering of experimental samples was performed according to the method of Eisen and coworkers [20]. Gene log2 ratios were average corrected across experimental samples and displayed according to the central method for display using a normalization factor, as recommended by Ross and coworkers [62]. The Tree-View software was used for the visualization. red, upregulated; green, downregulated; black, no difference.

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