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Table 5 De novo gene prediction performance for Drosophila melanogaster. Sensitivity (Sn) and specificity (Sp) were evaluated at the gene, exon and nucleotide levels and reported as percentages. Also shown are the average number of genes and exons predicted for each cross-validation fold. The column headings indicate the predictor and informants used.

From: CONTRAST: a discriminative, phylogeny-free approach to multiple informant de novogene prediction

  N-SCAN (3 informants) CONTRAST (Drosophila ananassae) CONTRAST (13 informants)
Gene Sn 59.7 63.1 66.1
Gene Sp 46.4 48.3 52.7
Exon Sn 79.8 81.2 82.4
Exon Sp 67.9 71.6 74.2
Nucleotide Sn 96.2 96.3 96.9
Nucleotide Sp 79.4 82.4 83.4