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Table 3 Log2 intensity results versus log2 ratio results for test samples MG1655 and EDL933

From: Characterization of probiotic Escherichia coliisolates with a novel pan-genome microarray

  log2 intensities log2 ratios
  MG1655 EDL933 MG1655 EDL933
Sensitivity 0.99 0.97 1.00 1.00
FDR 0.003 0.060 0.007 0.063
  1. The sensitivity and false discovery rate (FDR) were compared for data analysis based on log2 intensities and log2 ratios for the detection of genes in the two control strains for which gene presence is known from gene finding based on the known genome sequence. Thus, only known control gene groups were considered. Consequently, true positives make up the control genes correctly found to be present in all MG1655 or EDL933 samples, respectively. False positives are genes not found in the control strain, but predicted as present from the genome sequence.