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Table 5 Comparison of function conservation approach with EEL algorithm

From: Prediction of synergistic transcription factors by function conservation

  Function conservation EEL algorithm
TFBS detection Finding all potential TFBSs Finding all potential TFBSs
Distance constraint used Yes Yes
Alignment technique used None Non-direct DNA sequence alignment
Distance between TFBSs Any Relatively close
Number of genes compared Identification of conserved TFBSs at multiple gene level Identification of conserved TFBSs at single gene level
Parameters used for predicting interacting TFs Conserved TFBS with function conservation of TFs at multiple gene (genome scale) level Conserved TFBS with TF binding affinity at single gene level
Sensitivity* Higher Lower
Specificity* Higher Lower
  1. *Relative comparison results between the function conservation approach and EEL algorithm from this study.