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Table 1 Co-receptors and signal transducers in the Nogo-A-NogoR interaction

From: The reticulons: a family of proteins with diverse functions

Molecular region/interactor Function/interaction Reference(s)
NogoA-24 Increases binding affinity of Nogo-A to Nogo receptor (NogoR); binds NogoR directly [15]
Δ20 Mediates fibroblast and growth cone collapse independently of NogoR [16]
p75NTR Neurotrophin receptor; binds NogoR and mediates inhibition of neurite outgrowth via myelin-associated inhibitors [72,73]
LINGO-1 Binds NogoR; activates Rho in complex with p75 and NogoR; mediates Nogo66-induced neurite outgrowth inhibition [74,75]
TAJ/TROY Binds NogoR, activates Rho in complex with LINGO-1 and NogoR; absence attenuates myelin inhibition of neurite outgrowth [76,77]
EGFR Kinase activity required for neurite outgrowth but EGFR does not bind NogoR [78]