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Figure 12

From: The multiple sex chromosomes of platypus and echidna are not completely identical and several share homology with the avian Z

Figure 12

Idiogram showing location of genes in platypus. Gene names in pink are human X-linked genes, gene names in green are homologues of genes imprinted in mouse, gene names in blue are homologues of genes in the mammalian sex determining pathway, gene names in black are Sox gene orthologues, and genes in grey are other previously mapped genes. Gene names in red under a chromosome are mapped in this report by PCR only. Gene names in red next to a chromosome are mapped in this report by PCR and BAC-clone FISH (DMRT1 mapped previously [6,8]). The numbers on the left refer to the gene location in human. The location in chicken is indicated as well, for example, FST located on platypus 1p is on human 5q, chicken Z.

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