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Table 1 Bacterial strains and genomic islands

From: Sequence and functional analyses of Haemophilusspp. genomic islands

Strain/genomic island Characteristics/origin (year, where applicable) Reference or source
   1056 Hin type b/UK (1990) [36]
   299 Hin type b/Greece (1991) [37]
   2866 Hin/USA (1994) [38]
   028 Hin/USA (1986) [39]
   HinB Hin type b 10810/UK (2003) Sanger Centre, UK
   8f Hpa/UK (1995) Laboratory collection
   T3T1 Hpa/Gambia (2001) Sanger Centre, UK
   Rd Hin type d laboratory strain [25]
   Rd (ICEHin1056) Strain Rd harboring ICEHin1056 The present study
   Rd (ICEHin299) Strain Rd harboring ICEHin299 The present study
   Rd (ICEHin2866) Strain Rd harboring ICEHin2866 The present study
   Rd (ICEHpa8f) Strain Rd harboring ICEHpa8f The present study
   Rd (ICEHpaT3T1) Strain Rd harboring ICEHpaT3T1 The present study
Genomic islanda   
   ICEHin1056 Hin 1056 island [1]
   ICEHin299 Hin 299 island [37]
   ICEHin2866 Hin 2866 island National Center for Biotechnology Information
   ICEHin028 Hin 86-028NP island [39]
   ICEHinB Hin B island Sanger Centre, UK
   ICEHpa8f Hpa 8f island Laboratory collection
   ICEHpaT3T1 Hpa T3T1 island Sanger Centre, UK
  1. aSequence available through accession number or online database: ICEHin1056, AJ627386; ICEHin299, AM884334; ICEHin2866, AADP00000000, ICEHin028, CP000057; ICEHinB [40]; ICEHpa8f, AM884335; ICEHpaT3T1 [41]. Hin, Haemophilus influenzae; Hpa = Haemophilus parainfluenzae; ICE, integrative and conjugative element.