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Figure 3

From: Gene expression atlas of the mouse central nervous system: impact and interactions of age, energy intake and gender

Figure 3

Functional categorization of CNS age-related genes. Numbers above bars are the actual numbers of genes affected by aging in that gene category/CNS region. Functional categories (FC): FC1, DNA damage and repair; FC2, transcription regulators; FC3, RNA editing/processing; FC4, protein synthesis/degradation; FC5, signal transduction; FC6, growth factors and signaling; FC7, channels and transporters; FC8, cytoskeleton; FC9, trafficking; FC10, other synaptic function related ; FC11, stress response; FC12, immune responsive; FC13, mitochondrial function; FC14, cell cycle; FC15, glucose metabolism; FC16, lipid metabolism; FC17, amino acid metabolism. Gene lists are in Table S3 in Additional data file 1.

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