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Table 4 Functional categories over-represented in clusters of genes similarly regulated by Hfe disruption in duodenum

From: Gene expression profiling of Hfe-/-liver and duodenum in mouse strains with differing susceptibilities to iron loading: identification of transcriptional regulatory targets of Hfe and potential hemochromatosis modifiers

Category Term n EASE score
Cluster 1 (209 Affy IDs [177 genes])
  No functional category overrepresented   
Cluster 3 (141 Affy IDs [131 genes])
   GOTERM_BP Defense response 21 1.6 × 10-7
   GOTERM_BP Induction of apoptosis 6 1.7 × 10-3
  1. Affymetrix probesets in the different k-means clusters shown in Additional data file 2 were compared with Affymetrix MG-430 2.0 probe sets for over-representation of gene categories, using the DAVID (Database for Annotation, Visualization, and Integrated Discovery) functional annotation tool. The Category column shows the original database/resource from which the terms originate. The Term column indicates enriched terms associated with the gene list. The n column indicates the number of genes involved in the term. The expression analysis systematic explorer (EASE) score is a modified Fisher exact P value [51]. BP, biological process; GO, Gene Ontology.