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Table 2 The MRP genes of D. melanogaster

From: The ribosomal protein genes and Minute loci of Drosophila melanogaster

  D. melanogaster gene  
Human MRP Symbol* CG number Location BLAST E value
MRPS2 mRpS2 CG2937 2L: 25B1 1e-69
MRPS5 mRpS5 CG40049 3L: h47/80A-B 4e-63
MRPS6 mRpS6 CG15016 3L: 64B2 2e-20
MRPS7 mRpS7 CG5108 2L: 31D11 6e-38
MRPS9 mRpS9 CG2957 3R: 84E4 8e-81
MRPS10 mRpS10 CG4247 3R: 88E3 1e-33
MRPS11 mRpS11 CG5184 3R: 89E11 8e-26
MRPS12 tko/mRpS12 CG7925 X: 3A3 1e-33
MRPS14 mRpS14 CG32531 X: 18C7 1e-35
MRPS15 bonsai/mRpS15 CG4207 2R: 58F3 1e-15
MRPS16 mRpS16 CG8338 2R: 50E1 2e-24
MRPS17 mRpS17 CG4326 2R: 60C1 2e-14
MRPS18A mRpS18A CG31450 3R: 85A3 8e-13
MRPS18B mRpS18B CG10757 2L: 38B6 4e-33
MRPS18C mRpS18C CG9688 3R: 99F4 7e-23
MRPS21 mRpS21 CG32854 3R: 87E8 3e-22
MRPS22 mRpS22 CG12261 3R: 98B6 3e-38
MRPS23 mRpS23 CG31842 2L: 34D6 2e-20
MRPS24 mRpS24 CG13608 3R: 95E6 2e-31
MRPS25 mRpS25 CG14413 X: 12F1 1e-49
MRPS26 mRpS26 CG7354 3L: 75B9 3e-11
MRPS27 NA NA NA No hit
MRPS28 mRpS28 CG5497 2R: 55E2 1e-27
DAP3/MRPS29 mRpS29 CG3633 2R: 58E1 7e-72
MRPS30 mRpS30 CG8470 X: 13E18 3e-21
MRPS31 mRpS31 CG5904 3L: 72C2 5e-35
MRPS33 mRpS33 CG10406 3R: 89B16 3e-30
MRPS34 mRpS34 CG13037 3L: 72E1-2 8e-06
MRPS35 mRpS35 CG2101 3L: 62F4 2e-72
MRPS36 NA NA NA No hit
MRPL1 mRpL1 CG7494 3R: 84F9-10 8e-25
MRPL2 mRpL2 CG7636 3L: 68A7 2e-56
MRPL3 mRpL3 CG8288 X: 13E14 5e-52
MRPL4 mRpL4 CG5818 2L: 35F1 6e-70
MRPL9 mRpL9 CG31478 3R: 88F1 6e-17
MRPL10 mRpL10 CG11488 2L: 21B4 8e-20
MRPL11 mRpL11 CG3351 3R: 88C3 4e-29
MRPL12 mRpL12 CG5012 3L: 66E5 2e-13
MRPL13 mRpL13 CG10603 2L: 37B1 2e-47
MRPL14 mRpL14 CG14048 X: 3A1 3e-31
MRPL15 mRpL15 CG5219 3L: 77C3 4e-74
MRPL16 mRpL16 CG3109 X: 2B14 3e-58
MRPL17 mRpL17 CG13880 3L: 61B3 8e-21
MRPL18 mRpL18 CG12373 2R: 49C2 3e-22
MRPL19 mRpL19 CG8039 3R: 85A5 1e-56
MRPL20 mRpL20 CG11258 3L: 69F5 8e-21
MRPL21 mRpL21 CG9730 3L: 76A3 2e-19
MRPL22 mRpL22 CG4742 X: 15A7-8 4e-41
MRPL23 mRpL23 CG1320 3L: 62D7 4e-28
MRPL24 mRpL24 CG8849 2L: 25B4 2e-45
MRPL27 mRpL27 CG33002 2L: 24F3 2e-10
MRPL28 mRpL28 CG3782 2L: 25B5 5e-27
MRPL30 mRpL30 CG7038 X: 4C11 3e-15
MRPL32 mRpL32 CG12220 3R: 100B8 6e-15
MRPL33 mRpL33 CG3712 X: 4B6 5e-08
MRPL34 mRpL34 CG34147 2R: 52E4 1e-07
MRPL35 mRpL35 CG13410 3R: 94A1 4e-25
MRPL36 mRpL36 CG18767 3L: 66B7 2e-09
MRPL37 mRpL37 CG6547 3R: 86C6 4e-16
MRPL38 mRpL38 CG15871 X: 12E5 2e-61
MRPL39 mRpL39 CG17166 3L: 71B1 2e-57
MRPL40 mRpL40 CG5242 3R: 86E4 6e-13
MRPL41 mRpL41 CG12954 2R: 51E7 2e-11
MRPL42 mRpL42 CG12921 2R: 46E1 1e-11
MRPL43 mRpL43 CG5479 2R: 59F6 1e-25
MRPL44 mRpL44 CG2109 3R: 83A4 6e-39
MRPL45 mRpL45 CG6949 3R: 94B6 4e-61
MRPL46 mRpL46 CG13922 3L: 62B4 5e-39
MRPL47 Rlc1/mRpL47 CG9378 3R: 85D19 1e-35
MRPL48 mRpL48 CG17642 2L: 22B1 4e-15
MRPL49 mRpL49 CG4647 X: 11D1 9e-22
MRPL50 mRpL50 CG8612 3L: 65E9 6e-09
MRPL51 mRpL51 CG13098 2L: 29D4 2e-13
MRPL52 mRpL52 CG1577 2R: 43E9 2e-14
MRPL53 mRpL53 CG30481 2R: 50C16 3e-06
MRPL54 mRpL54 CG9353 2R: 57B16 2e-18
MRPL55 mRpL55 CG14283 3R: 91F1 3e-17
  1. *Additional gene synonyms exist in many cases [60]. Computed cytological position is given for euchromatic genes (Genome Release 5 [60]). mRpS5 h-band location provided by C Smith (DHGP, personal communication) and cytological position inferred from reference [151]. Expect (E) value obtained from a BLASTp search of the D. melanogaster annotated proteome (Genome Release 5.1) with human RefSeq MRP sequences. Where multiple protein isoforms exist, the highest scoring hit is given.