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Table 1 The CRP genes of D. melanogaster

From: The ribosomal protein genes and Minute loci of Drosophila melanogaster

  D. melanogaster gene  
Human CRP Symbol* CG number Location BLAST E value
RPSA sta/RpSA CG14792 X: 2B1 3e-94
RPS2 sop/RpS2 CG5920 2L: 30E1 e-118
RPS3 RpS3 CG6779 3R: 94E13 e-106
RPS3A RpS3A CG2168 4: 101F1 e-100
RPS4 RpS4 CG11276 3L: 69F6 e-121
RPS5 RpS5a CG8922 X: 15E5-7 1e-98
  RpS5b CG7014 3R: 88D6 3e-96
RPS6 RpS6 CG10944 X: 7C2 e-103
  CG11386 CG11386 X: 7C2 2e-15
  CG33222 CG33222 X: 7C2 2e-15
RPS7 RpS7 CG1883 3R: 99E2 1e-74
RPS8 RpS8 CG7808 3R: 99C4 1e-82
RPS9 RpS9 CG3395 3L: 67B11 8e-92
RPS10 RpS10a CG12275 3R: 98A14 4e-43
  RpS10b CG14206 X: 18D3 8e-52
RPS11 RpS11 CG8857 2R: 48E8-9 1e-58
RPS12 RpS12 CG11271 3L: 69F5 2e-43
RPS13 RpS13 CG13389 2L: 29B2 2e-74
RPS14 RpS14a CG1524 X: 7C6-7 3e-71
  RpS14b CG1527 X: 7C8 3e-71
RPS15 RpS15 CG8332 2R: 53C8 6e-62
RPS15A RpS15Aa CG2033 X: 11E11-12 2e-65
  RpS15Ab CG12324 2R: 47C1 6e-65
RPS16 RpS16 CG4046 2R: 58F1 2e-69
RPS17 RpS17 CG3922 3L: 67B5 5e-52
RPS18 RpS18 CG8900 2R: 56F11 2e-69
RPS19 RpS19a CG4464 X: 14F4 5e-48
  RpS19b CG5338 3R: 95C13 1e-43
RPS20 RpS20 CG15693 3R: 93A1 7e-50
RPS21 oho23B/RpS21 CG2986 2L: 23B6 3e-30
RPS23 RpS23 CG8415 2R: 50E4 8e-70
RPS24 RpS24 CG3751 2R: 58F3 7e-55
RPS25 RpS25 CG6684 3R: 86D8 1e-38
RPS26 RpS26 CG10305 2L: 36F4 3e-47
RPS27 RpS27 CG10423 3R: 96C8 2e-39
RPS27A RpS27A CG5271 2L: 31E1 8e-80
RPS28 RpS28a CG15527 3R: 99D2 1e-21
  RpS28b CG2998 X: 8E7 2e-23
  RpS28-like CG34182 2L: 30B3 1e-07
RPS29 RpS29 CG8495 3R: 85E8 5e-23
RPS30 RpS30 CG15697 3R: 93A2 6e-32
RPLP0 RpLP0 CG7490 3L: 79B2 e-122
  RpLP0-like CG1381 2R: 46E5-6 3e-10
RPLP1 RpLP1 CG4087 2L: 21C2 3e-34
RPLP2 RpLP2 CG4918 2R: 53C9 5e-32
RPL3 RpL3 CG4863 3R: 86D8 0.0
RPL4 RpL4 CG5502 3R: 98B6 e-141
RPL5 RpL5 CG17489 2L: h35/40B e-120
RPL6 RpL6 CG11522 3R: 100C7 8e-58
RPL7 RpL7 CG4897 2L: 31B1 2e-75
  RpL7-like CG5317 2L: 33C1 3e-32
RPL7A RpL7A CG3314 X: 6B1 e-102
RPL8 RpL8 CG1263 3L: 62E7 e-119
RPL9 RpL9 CG6141 2L: 32C1 1e-66
RPL10 Qm/RpL10 CG17521 3L: h47/80A 7e-98
RPL10A RpL10Aa CG3843 3R: 88D10 3e-65
  RpL10Ab CG7283 3L: 68E1 3e-95
RPL11 RpL11 CG7726 2R: 56D7 6e-83
RPL12 RpL12 CG3195 2R: 60B7 7e-75
RPL13 RpL13 CG4651 2L: 30F3 1e-68
RPL13A RpL13A CG1475 3R: 83B6-7 3e-68
RPL14 RpL14 CG6253 3L: 66D8 2e-30
RPL15 RpL15 CG17420 3L: h50-52/80F 5e-90
RPL17 RpL17 CG3203 X: 6C10 5e-72
RPL18 RpL18 CG8615 3L: 65E9 3e-71
RPL18A RpL18A CG6510 2R: 54C3 3e-68
RPL19 RpL19 CG2746 2R: 60E11 4e-83
RPL21 RpL21 CG12775 2L: 40A-B 4e-66
RPL22 RpL22 CG7434 X: 1C4 4e-40
  RpL22-like CG9871 2R: 59D3 2e-24
RPL23 RpL23 CG3661 2R: 59B3 1e-68
RPL23A RpL23A CG7977 3L: 62A10 7e-52
RPL24 RpL24 CG9282 2L: 34B10 7e-55
  RpL24-like CG6764 3R: 86E5 8e-14
RPL26 RpL26 CG6846 3L: 75E4 1e-59
RPL27 RpL27 CG4759 3R: 96E9-10 1e-43
RPL27A RpL27A CG15442 2L: 24F3 5e-60
RPL28 RpL28 CG12740 3L: 63B14 3e-31
RPL29 RpL29 CG10071 2R: 57D8 8e-14
RPL30 RpL30 CG10652 2L: 37B9 3e-46
RPL31 RpL31 CG1821 2R: 45F5 5e-47
RPL32 RpL32 CG7939 3R: 99D3 6e-58
RPL34 RpL34a CG6090 3R: 96F10 2e-29
  RpL34b CG9354 3R: 85D15 1e-29
RPL35 RpL35 CG4111 X: 5A11 2e-38
RPL35A RpL35A CG2099 3R: 83A4 1e-35
RPL36 RpL36 CG7622 X: 1B12 3e-33
RPL36A RpL36A CG7424 2L: 28D3 3e-43
RPL37 RpL37a CG9091 X: 13B1 2e-39
  RpL37b CG9873 2R: 59C4 1e-31
RPL37A RpL37A CG5827 2L: 25C4 2e-38
RPL38 RpL38 CG18001 2R: h46/41C-E 2e-25
RPL39 RpL39 CG3997 2R: 60B7 3e-18
RPL40 RpL40 CG2960 2L: 24E1 2e-69
RPL41 RpL41 CG30425 2R: 60E5 8e-08
  1. *Additional gene synonyms exist in most cases [60]. Bold font indicates CRP-like genes, putative pseudogenic fragments (CG11386 and CG33222) or the member of a duplicate gene pair that is expressed in a small number of tissues and/or at relatively low levels. Computed cytological position is given for euchromatic genes (Genome Release 5 [60]). The cytological and h-band locations for heterochromatic genes are based on data in reference [151] or estimated from images of in situ hybridizations of BACs to polytene chromosomes (RpL5 and RpL21) [152]. The h-band location of RpL15 was provided by B Honda (personal communication). Expect (E) value obtained from a BLASTp search of the D. melanogaster annotated proteome (Genome Release 5.1) with human RefSeq CRP sequences. (E values corresponding to RpL15 and RpS28-like were obtained from a BLAST search using Release 5.3.) Where multiple protein isoforms exist, the highest scoring hit is given.