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Figure 6

From: Transcriptional profiling of inductive mesenchyme to identify molecules involved in prostate development and disease

Figure 6

Expression of Scube1 mRNA in prostate tumor stromal cells using CAFs and NPFs. (a) Northern analysis of Scube1 mRNA in five pairs (a to e) of cancer-associated fibroblasts (CAFs)/normal prostate fibroblasts (NPFs). Embryonic human brain, liver, and prostate are included as control tissues, and RNA loading is illustrated by hybridization with Gapdh. Scube1 mRNA was lower in CAFs in four out of five CAF/NPF pairs. (b) The downregulation of Scube1 mRNA in CAFs was confirmed by quantitative RT-PCR; Scube1 mRNA levels were normalized to TBP mRNA levels. Br, brain; Lv, liver; Pr, prostate.

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