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Table 4 Fire ant assembled sequences putatively involved in behavior

From: An annotated cDNA library and microarray for large-scale gene-expression studies in the ant Solenopsis invicta

Fire ant assembled sequence Drosophila polypeptide ID Gene name and behavior in Drosophila E-value CG5670-PB Na pump alpha subunit 1.0e-134 CG4443-PA courtless (courtship behavior) 1.0e-73 CG4443-PA courtless (courtship behavior) 5.0e-73
SiJWE02ABO.scf CG3263-PG cAMP-dependent protein kinase R1 (olfactory learning) 4.0e-66
SiJWA12BCM.scf CG2212-PA swiss cheese 1.0e-65
SiJWC02AAC2.scf CG3966-PA neither inactivation nor afterpotential A 3.0e-55
SiJWB06ABV.scf CG4379-PB cAMP-dependent protein kinase 1 (locomotor rhythm, memory, olfactory learning and rhythmic behavior) 2.0e-42 CG8472-PB calmodulin 2.0e-42 CG2212-PB swiss cheese 5.0e-42
SiJWH05AEA.scf CG2048-PC discs overgrown (altered behavioral response to cocaine) 4.0e-40
SiJWH06BAG.scf CG8472-PB calmodulin 4.0e-39 CG14724-PB cytochrome c oxidase subunit Va 6.0e-38
SiJWA04BDS2.scf CG3331-PA ebony (locomotor rhythm) 7.0e-38
SiJWG01ADR.scf CG7826-PC minibrain (circadian rhythm and olfactory learning) 1.0e-24
SiJWD02ACW.scf CG7758-PA pumpless 1.0e-24 CG1232-PB temperature-induced paralytic E 3.0e-16
SiJWG06BCF2.scf CG5670-PA Na pump alpha subunit 8.0e-15
SiJWF02BDZ.scf CG32688-PA hyperkinetic (flight behavior) 1.0e-13
SiJWB11ABH.scf CG10033-PG foraging* 1.0e-11
SiJWB03ACL.scf CG7100-PH cadherin-N 2.0e-11
SiJWD03ACB.scf CG10697-PA aromatic-L-amino-acid decarboxylase (courtship behavior and learning and/or memory) 1.0e-07
  1. *Although the best hit for SiJWB11ABH.scf is foraging, a type I cGMP-dependent protein kinase (PKG), when using blastx analysis with only the Drosophila predicted proteins, closer inspection using all the nr sequences suggests that it is actually a type II PKG.