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Table 1 Fire ant EST and assembly statistics

From: An annotated cDNA library and microarray for large-scale gene-expression studies in the ant Solenopsis invicta

Total number of sequence reads 28,133
   cDNA clones sequenced from 5' end 22,560
   Extra reads due to re-sequencing 5,573
High-quality sequences after filtering* 21,715
Average EST size after trimming (bp) 522.4
Total number of assembled sequences 11,864
   Number of contigs 4,319
True contigs (from >2 different clones) 3,057
Re-sequencing contigs 1,262
   Number of singletons 7,545
Number of putatively different fire ant sequences <11,864
Average size of assembled sequences (bp) 600.5
  1. *High quality sequences are those with greater than 200 bp after trimming of vector and primer sequences and with a phred value higher than 15. In addition, this set excludes artifactual sequences that were manually removed. Contigs composed of replicate sequences of only one clone