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Table 3 Comparison with previous approaches based on MIPS category enrichment and expression correlation coefficients

From: Clustering of genes into regulons using integrated modeling-COGRIM

Method Average percentage genes in enriched MIPS categories Average expression correlation coefficient
COGRIM (B+/C+) 0.450 0.341
COGRIM (B-/C+) 0.349 0.380
Model I (B+/C+) 0.401 0.340
Model I (B-/C+) 0.340 0.372
MA-Networker 0.338 0.171
GRAM 0.352 0.337
ReMoDiscovery 0.347 0.291
ChIP binding data alone (B+) 0.217 0.165
  1. 'Average percentage genes in enriched MIPS categories' is the percentage of genes with enriched MIPS categories, averaged over all the 39 yeast TFs. Model I, COGRIM without interaction terms; TF, transcription factor.