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Table 3 Performance data for annotating 44 ENCODE sequences by either mRNA and protein supported or ab initio predictions

From: Automatic annotation of eukaryotic genes, pseudogenes and promoters

  mRNA + protein supported, Sn/Sp (%) Ab initio, Sn/Sp (%)
Nucleotide level 91.14/89.54 88.44/74.46
CDS EXACT 77.19/86.48 67.54/64.22
CDS OVERLAP 90.60/91.4 85.00/71.71
SoftBerry transcripts identical to HAVANA transcripts* 56.37% (of 612) 14.75% (of 590)
  1. *Transcripts identical means that their CDS parts (including protein coding exons and coding parts of 5' and 3' exons) are identical; the percentage of SoftBerry transcripts is relative to the number of Softberry transcripts predicted in the corresponding category: mRNA supported, protein supported or ab initio.