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Table 2 GO analysis: normal neuroblasts compared to neuroblastomas

From: Human fetal neuroblast and neuroblastoma transcriptome analysis confirms neuroblast origin and highlights neuroblastoma candidate genes

GO P value n GO description
More highly expressed in neuroblast compared to neuroblastoma
GO:0008202 1.33E-18 17 Steroid metabolism
GO:0006694 3.22E-15 12 Steroid biosynthesis
GO:0044255 2.13E-12 18 Cellular lipid metabolism
GO:0008610 8.54E-12 13 Lipid biosynthesis
GO:0016125 1.29E-11 10 Sterol metabolism
GO:0006629 1.50E-10 18 Lipid metabolism
GO:0008203 5.85E-09 8 Cholesterol metabolism
GO:0008207 1.37E-08 5 C21-steroid hormone metabolism
GO:0006700 1.37E-08 5 C21-steroid hormone biosynthesis
GO:0006066 1.55E-08 12 Alcohol metabolism
GO:0042446 9.26E-07 5 Hormone biosynthesis
GO:0016126 1.16E-06 5 Sterol biosynthesis
GO:0042445 9.57E-06 5 Hormone metabolism
GO:0006118 1.76E-05 9 Electron transport
GO:0006869 1.84E-05 5 Lipid transport
GO:0009058 4.62E-05 16 Biosynthesis
GO:0006695 5.39E-04 3 Cholesterol biosynthesis
GO:0042423 6.50E-04 2 Catecholamine biosynthesis
GO:0006810 2.29E-03 20 Transport
GO:0006091 2.32E-03 9 Generation of precursor metabolites and energy
GO:0006584 2.85E-03 2 Catecholamine metabolism
GO:0051234 2.88E-03 20 Establishment of localization
GO:0051179 3.04E-03 20 Localization
GO:0018958 3.46E-03 2 Phenol metabolism
GO:0042401 5.64E-03 2 Biogenic amine biosynthesis
GO:0042398 8.30E-03 2 Amino acid derivative biosynthesis
More highly expressed in neuroblastoma compared to neuroblast
GO:0019882 4.54E-14 16 Antigen presentation
GO:0030333 2.51E-12 14 Antigen processing
GO:0019884 1.21E-08 8 Antigen presentation, exogenous antigen
GO:0019886 3.45E-08 8 Antigen processing, exogenous antigen via MHC class II
GO:0019883 4.23E-07 7 Antigen presentation, endogenous antigen
GO:0006260 2.07E-06 20 DNA replication
GO:0006955 2.45E-06 58 Immune response
GO:0006952 1.02E-05 60 Defense response
GO:0019885 1.03E-05 6 Antigen processing, endogenous antigen via MHC class I
GO:0009607 1.05E-05 66 Response to biotic stimulus
GO:0006270 9.25E-05 6 DNA replication initiation
GO:0006259 4.34E-04 35 DNA metabolism
GO:0009596 5.51E-04 4 Detection of pest, pathogen or parasite
GO:0006261 7.72E-04 10 DNA-dependent DNA replication
GO:0050896 1.03E-03 92 Response to stimulus
GO:0006913 1.42E-03 12 Nucleocytoplasmic transport
GO:0007051 1.84E-03 5 Spindle organization and biogenesis
GO:0016070 2.01E-03 25 RNA metabolism
GO:0007052 2.27E-03 4 Mitotic spindle organization and biogenesis
GO:0009595 2.27E-03 4 Detection of biotic stimulus
GO:0007017 2.67E-03 11 Microtubule-based process
GO:0006658 3.08E-03 2 Phosphatidylserine metabolism
GO:0009613 3.39E-03 34 Response to pest, pathogen or parasite
GO:0006928 3.94E-03 18 Cell motility
GO:0040011 3.94E-03 18 Locomotion
GO:0043207 4.72E-03 34 Response to external biotic stimulus
GO:0007626 5.10E-03 18 Locomotory behavior
GO:0016043 5.31E-03 46 Cell organization and biogenesis
GO:0016049 6.09E-03 12 Cell growth
GO:0008361 6.09E-03 12 Regulation of cell size
GO:0042254 6.39E-03 6 Ribosome biogenesis and assembly
GO:0051169 8.15E-03 10 Nuclear transport
GO:0016071 8.34E-03 16 Mrna metabolism
GO:0043241 8.91E-03 2 Protein complex disassembly
GO:0031498 8.91E-03 2 Chromatin disassembly
GO:0006337 8.91E-03 2 Nucleosome disassembly
GO:0006104 8.91E-03 2 Succinyl-coa metabolism
GO:0007610 9.44E-03 21 Behavior
GO:0007049 9.50E-03 39 Cell cycle
  1. Shown are over-represented GO classes (biological process) (with P < 0.01 and at least two genes) in the list of genes that are more highly expressed in normal neuroblasts than in neuroblastomas, and vice versa. GO, Gene Ontology.