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Table 1 Distribution of various book types in PhyloFacts

From: PhyloFacts: an online structural phylogenomic encyclopedia for protein functional and structural classification

Book type No. of books in PhyloFacts
Global homology group 2,567
Domain 5,363
Conserved region 72
Motif 29
Pending 1,679
  1. PhyloFacts contains books of different structural types. Global homology group: sequences sharing the same domain architecture, aligned globally. Domain: sequences sharing a common structural domain (defined experimentally), aligned only along that domain. Conserved regions: sequences sharing a common region with no obvious homology to a solved structure, aligned along that region. Motifs: highly conserved amino acid signatures typically <50 amino acids. Pending: all other books, including clusters produced by GHGCluster that did not pass the global homology group criteria (and in the process of being evaluated for classification to one of the three main categories). Results reported as of 11 July 2006.