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Table 1 Chromosomal locations of arrestin genes in selected species

From: Arrestins: ubiquitous regulators of cellular signaling pathways

  Rod arrestin Cone arrestin Arrestin2 Arrestin3 Other arrestins
Homo sapiens 2q37.1 Proximal long arm of X 11q13 17p13  
Mus musculus    7 50.0 cM* 11 45.0 cM*  
Rattus norvegicus 9q35   1q32 10q24  
Bos taurus 3   15q25   
D. melanogaster      Arrestin1, 2L; Arrestin2, 3L; Kurtz, 3R.
A. gambiae      Arrestin2, 2; Arrestin3, 3; Arrestin4, 2.
C. elegans      X
  1. Rod arrestin is also called arrestin1; cone arrestin is also called arrestin4. *Position as indicated in the GeneBank entry for this gene. For insect arrestins, each protein name is followed by a chromosomal location.