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Table 1 SNPs, genes and microsatellites analysed in this study

From: A genome-wide approach to identify genetic loci with a signature of natural selection in the Irish population

SNP identity Chromosome Gene Microsatellite name Microsatellite distance from SNP (kb) H-W DH/sd PS PE
rs1009127 1 LRRC7 (leucine rich repeat 7) LRRC-1 +34.6 NS -3.6 0.007 NS
rs718830 7 CFTR (cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator) IVS8CA* +14.5 NS -4.7 0.003 0.03
    IVS17B* +49.2 NS -1.1 NS NS
    CFTR-3 -10.2 NS -1.3 NS NS
rs997929 8 TOX (thymus high mobility group box protein) TOX-1 -20.4 - - - -
    TOX-2 +22.2 NS -1.2 NS NS
rs726733 11 SYT9 (synaptotagmin IX) SYT9-1 -7 NS -2.8 0.019 NS
    SYT9-2 +40.9 NS -1.4 NS NS
rs1111108 14 PKCη (protein kinase C, eta) PRKCH-1 +8.7 NS -6.3 0.0001 0.016
    PRKCH-2 -70.4 NS -6.6 0.0001 0.013
rs761057 16 TPSG1 (γ-triptase 1) TPSG-1 -74.3 NS 1.5 0.001 0.003
    TPSG-2 +41.4 NS -0.2 NS NS
rs998262 5 No gene NG-1 -4.6 p = 0.04 -5.2 0.0001 0.022
    NG-2 +31.7 NS -3.6 0.008 NS
rs902336 1 32 kb upstream from the ABCD3-1 -15.7 NS -3.2 0.015 NS
   gene ABCD3 ABCD3-2 -2 - - - -
  1. 'SNP identity' indicates the identification number of each SNP as annotated in dbSNP NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information). 'Chromosome' indicates on which chromosome the SNP is located. 'Gene' indicates the gene in which the SNP is located or the nearest gene in the case of the last SNP. 'Microsatellite name' is the name given to the microsatellites flanking the SNP; the same name can be found in Figure 3, where the microsatellites are placed in the genome-wide distribution. 'Microsatellite distance from the SNP' is the distance (in kilobase) upstream (+) or downstream (-) between the microsatellite and the SNP. These statistics are reported from analyses carried out on the microsatellite data. 'H-W' is the p value from the Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium test. 'DH/sd' is the observed gene diversity minus the expected heterozygosity (DH) according the Ewens-Watterson's statistic divided by the standard deviation (sd) of the gene diversity (see the text for details). 'PS' is the significance of the difference between observed gene diversity and expected heterozygosity resulting from the simulation carried out by the program BOTTLENECK. 'PE' is the significance calculated using the empirical distribution; only values < 0.05 are quoted. NS, not significant. The two microsatellites marked with an asterisk have been described previously [19,20] and no data for the two markers that were not scorable are denoted by hyphens.