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Table 1 Over-represented intra-operonic genes with predicted TFBS*

From: Analysis of gene expression in operons of Streptomyces coelicolor

Gene name Known internal promoter? Organism (reference if known)
SCO2389 (acpP) Yes Escherichia coli [61]
SCO0712 (lipR) ? -
SCO2390 (fabF) Yes Escherichia coli [61]
SCO4662 (tuf1) Yes Streptomyces ramocissimus [22]
SCO5356 (thrB) Monocistronic Streptomyces [21]
  1. *OIGs that have a TFBS predicted using threshold background mean + (5 × background standard deviation) and whether they are known to have an internal promoter and in which organism this has been found in.