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Table 1 Functional summary of bicluster 76: transport process putatively regulated by sirR

From: The Inferelator: an algorithm for learning parsimonious regulatory networks from systems-biology data sets de novo

Gene Name Function
VNG0451G phoU Transcriptional regulator
VNG0452G pstB2 Phosphate transport ATP-binding
VNG0453G pstA2 Phosphate ABC transporter permease
VNG0455G pstC2 Phosphate ABC transporter permease
VNG0457G phoX Phosphate ABC transporter periplasmic phosphate-binding
VNG0458G prp1 Phosphate regulatory protein homolog
VNG0535C VNG0535C Membrane protein of Unknown Function
VNG1632G cbiQ Cobalt transport protein
VNG1634G cbiN Cobalt transport protein cbiN
VNG1635G cbiM ABC-type cobalt transport system, permease component.
VNG2093G glnA Glutamine synthetase
VNG2302G yuxL Acylaminoacyl-peptidase
VNG2358G appA Oligopeptide binding protein
VNG2359G appB Oligopeptide ABC permease
VNG2361G appC Oligopeptide transport permease protein
VNG2365G appF Oligopeptide ABC transporter ATP-binding
VNG2482G pstB1 Phosphate ABC transporter ATP-binding
VNG2483G pstA1 Phosphate ABC transporter permease
VNG2484G pstC1 Phosphate transporter permease
VNG2486G yqgG Phosphate ABC transporter binding
VNG2529G dppB2 Dipeptide ABC transporter permease
VNG2531G dppC1 Dipeptide ABC transporter permease
VNG2532H VNG2532H Membrane protein of Unknown Function
VNG6262G zurM ABC transporter, permease protein
VNG6264G zurA ABC transporter, ATP-binding protein
VNG6265G ycdH Adhesion protein
VNG6277G ugpB Glycerol-3-phosphate-binding protein precursor
VNG6279G ugpA Sn-glycerol-3-phosphate transport system permease
VNG6280G ugpE Sn-glycerol-3-phosphate transport system permease
VNG6281G ugpC Sn-glycerol-3-phosphate transport system ATP-binding