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Table 5 Features of proteins from genes with novel coding regions

From: Novel gene and gene model detection using a whole genome open reading frame analysis in proteomics

HUGO gene ID Ensembl gene ID AAs in domain Domain ID Domain name Gene name
PLG ENSG00000122194 23 P00747 Kringle Plasminogen precursor
BF ENSG00000166285 28 P00751 Peptidase S1, trypsin Complement factor B precursor
APOB ENSG00000084674 21 Q13787 Vitellogenin Apolipoprotein B-100 precursor
C4BPA ENSG00000123838 29 P04003 Sushi C4b-binding protein alpha chain precursor
HPX ENSG00000110169 15 P02790 Hemopexin-like Hemopexin precursor
GC ENSG00000145321 17 P02774 Albumin Vitamin D-binding protein precursor
PLEKHA4 ENSG00000105559 7 PS50003 PH_DOMAIN Pleckstrin homology domain-containing protein family A member-4
IGLC1, IGLC2, IGLC3, IGLV1-40, IGLV3-25, IGLV4-3 ENSG00000100208 12 PS50835 IG-LIKE Ig lambda chain C region
IGHA1, IGHG3, IGHM ENSG00000130076 11 PS50835 IG-LIKE Ig alpha-1 chain C region
- ENSG00000142082 51 PS50305 SIRTUIN NAD-dependent deacetylase sirtuin-3 mitochondrial precursor
TF ENSG00000091513 11 PS00207 TRANSFERRIN Serotransferrin precursor
  1. A list of the protein domains that the novel OE peptides overlapped. HUGO gene ID, Hugo gene identifiers; Ensembl gene ID, Ensembl gene identifier; AAs in domain, number of amino acids from the peptide that are part of the domain; Domain ID, the Uniprot or Prosite identifier for the domain (Prosite identifiers begin with the letters 'S'); Domain name, the common name assigned to the domain in either Uniprot or Prosite.