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Table 1 Diagnostic peptides

From: Novel gene and gene model detection using a whole genome open reading frame analysis in proteomics

ORF identification statistics  
   All peptide matches above hyperscore 35 105,065
   + spectra match only a single peptide 66,711
   + peptide maps to a unique location in the genome 38,906
   ORFs with confidence > 95%* 427
Peptide classification  
   Intra-exonic perfect match (PM) 1,682
   Intra-exonic different reading frame (IE) 47
   Overlapping exon (OE) 90
   Non-exonic (NE) 490
  1. Peptides are categorized based upon where they align to in relation to the annotated start/stop boundaries of genes.*Based on Poisson statistic with correction for multiple hypothesis testing