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Table 4 The σ factors of Rlv3841

From: The genome of Rhizobium leguminosarum has recognizable core and accessory components

Gene and name (if known)a GC3s, quartopb Closest homologsc
   Species Gene BLAST e value
RL0422 (RpoN, used for N assimilation) 0.791 Y S. meliloti SMc01139 0.0
   A. tumefaciens AGR_C_581 0.0
   M. loti mll3196 2E-161
   Brucella suis BR0158 3E-156
RL0788 0.732 N Pseudomonas fluorescens Pflu02001224 9E-56
   Erwinia carotovora ECA2017 E-43
   Burkholderia ambifaria BambDRAFT_3017 9E-30
   S. meliloti SMa01432 2E-27
   A.tumefaciens AGR_C_2739 2E-16
   M.loti mlr77732 E-16
RL1138 0.714 N Ralstonia eutropha Reut_B3794 E-47
   Bradyrhizobium japonicum bll6484 2E-44
   Silicibacter pomeroyi SPO31254 E-29
   M. loti mlr7773 7E-29
   A. tumefaciens AGR_C_2739 2E-28
   S. meliloti SMc01419 9E-23
RL3020 0.749 Y A. tumefaciens AGR_C_4121 6E-56
   B. suis BRA0021 2E-32
   Burkholderia fungorum Bcep02004893 7E-32
   Caulobacter crescentus CC3253 2E-30
   M. loti mll3493 4E-25
   S. meliloti SMb20531 2E-18
RL3235 0.777 N S. meliloti SMc01419 E-48
   A. tumefaciens AGR_C_3679p 9E-44
   Sphingopyxis alaskensis SalaDRAFT_1954 5E-23
   B. japonicum bll2628 6E-23
   M. loti mlr04075 E-18
RL3402 (RpoD, 'housekeeping' σ) 0.823 Y A. tumefaciens AGR_C_3929p 0.0
   S. meliloti SMc01563 0.0
   B. suis BR1479 0.0
   M. loti mll2466 0.0
RL3509 0.758 N S. meliloti SMc02713 2E-38
   S. alaskensis SalaDRAFT_1954 4E-18
   Burkholderia cepacia Bcepa03005434 5E-18
   Novosphingobium aromaticivorans DSM 12444 2E-17
   A. tumefaciens AGR_C_3679 E-14
   M. loti mlr7773 5E-12
RL3703 (RpoZ) 0.790 Y S. meliloti SMc01506 5E-84
   B. suis BR1658 3E-80
   Bartonella henselae BH13830 5E-73
   A. tumefaciens AGR_L_1386p 5E-68
   M. loti mll3697 7E-68
RL3766 (RpoH, heat shock σ) 0.794 Y A. tumefaciens AGR_C_4439p 2E-155
   S. meliloti SMc00646 3E-148
   M. loti mlr3741 5E-138
   B. suis BR1650 E-133
RL4524 0.780 N M. loti mlr8088 5E-38
   Rhodospirillum rubrum Rrub02003750 3E-37
   Rhodobacter sphaeroides 'rpoE' 3E-34
   Magnetospirillum magnetotacticum Magn03011107 E-33
   S. meliloti None listed in top 50 matches
   A. tumefaciens None listed in top 50 matches
RL4614 (RpoH2, heat shock σ) 0.771 N S. meliloti SMc03873 5E-118
   M. loti mlr3862 2E-98
   B. suis BR1763 5E-97
   B. henselae BH15210 3E-95
   A. tumefaciens AGR_C_4439pd 7E-58
pRL10385 0.720 N M. loti mll1224 2E-52
   Microbulbifer degradans Mdeg02003584 E-28
   R. sphaeroides Rsph03003515 E-27
   Solibacter usitatus AcidDRAFT_4778 6E-22
   S. meliloti None listed in top 50 matches
   A. tumefaciens None listed in top 50 matches
pRL11007 (EcfR) 0.778 N M. loti mlr0407 4E-57
   R. sphaeroides Rsph03002607 E-45
   M. magnetotacticum Magn03006880 8E-39
   Bordetella parapertussis BPP1584 4E-37
   A. tumefaciens AGR_L_1386p 3E-24
   S. meliloti SMa0143 2E-22
pRL110418 0.794 N B. japonicum blr7812 2E-83
   Streptomyces avermitilis SAV7424 7E-74
   Nocardia farcina nfa4970 3E-73
   Frankia sp. Francci3DRAFT_3517 7E-66
   M. loti mll6869 8E-33
   S. meliloti None listed in top 50 matches
   A. tumefaciens None listed in top 50 matches
pRL120319 (RpoI, iron uptake sigma) 0.640 N Azotobacter vinelandii AvinDRAFT_4065 4E-20
   Pseudomonas aeruginosa 'pvdS'e 3E-18
   S. meliloti SMc04203 8E-09
   A. tumefaciens AGR_pAT_442 2E-08
pRL120580 0.587 N Rhodopseudomonas palustris RPA0550 4E-40
   R. rubrum Rrub02003750 8E-38
   M. magnetotacticum Magn03011107 5E-37
   Pseudomonas syringae PSPTO1043 3E-28
   M. loti mlr8088 4E-26
   A. tumefaciens AGR_C_3605 6E-14
   S. meliloti None listed in top 50 matches
  1. aRhizobium leguminosarum biovar viciae 3841 (Rlv3841) locus tags are shown and, if the gene has been named in R. leguminosarum, this name is shown. bGC3s (G+C content of silent third positions of codons), member of quartop (yes [Y]/no [N]). cEach of the Rlv3841 sigma factors was used in BLASTP searches (maximum of 50 matches). The sequences and the locus tag numbers, together with the 'e' values, are shown for the top four matches. In those genera (Brucella, Pseudomonas, Streptomyces, Burkholderia) with more than one sequenced species, only one example is shown for each genus. In those cases in which one or more of the species used in the quartop analysis is not in the top four matches, these are also included. dA. tumefaciens has only one rpoH gene (AGR_C_4439p) whereas R. leguminosarum, M. loti, and S. meliloti have two. AGR_C_4439p is more closely related to Rlv3841 RpoH1 (RL3766) than to Rlv3841 RpoH2 (RL4614). eAlso known as PfrI in P. putida, and PbrA in P. fluorescens.