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Figure 6

From: A classification based framework for quantitative description of large-scale microarray data

Figure 6

Distributions of entropy values for an active and randomized class-condition. (a) Distribution of randomized entropies for an 'active' class-condition pair. The actual entropy for the class is denoted by a vertical line. The percentile counts for the class correspond to the area of the distribution to the right of the dotted line. (b) Expression profiles of an active class-condition. The darker gray lines indicate a highly correlated subset in the group. For an 'active' class-condition, a significant portion of the gene members are co-expressed, leading to lower class entropy (see the Scree plot of eigenvalues in the inset). (c) Distribution of entropies for the 'inactive' class-condition. (d) Expression profiles of the 'inactive' class-condition. Darker lines are relatively few compared to lighter ones, as identified by SVD.

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