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Table 1 Summary of splicing microarray data: unstimulated macrophages versus macrophages subjected to seven hours of LPS stimulation

From: Alternate transcription of the Toll-like receptor signaling cascade

  Expressed unstimulated macrophages Expressed macrophages + 7 hr LPS Variants repressed by LPS/Tlr4 (t test P < 0.05) Variants induced by LPS/Tlr4 (t test, P < 0.05)
Transcript framework 107 106 13 26
Total number of probes 1,404 1,376 39 88
Receptors 16 TK Csf1r, Ifnar1 Tlr3, Cd86, Clesf9
Adapters 13 TK Tollip Rac2
Signal transducers 30 TK Irak4, Map3k1, Map3k7, Mapk14, Pik3cg, Serpinb3b Pde4a, Pik3cd, Tbk1
Transcription factors 29 TK Atf2, Dnmt1, Sumo Nfkbia, Nfkb1, Nfkb2, Ikbke, Irf1, Stat1, Stat2, Stat3, Sin3a
Inflammatory effectors 17 TK Serpinb3b Ccl3, Ccl4, Ccl5, Cxcl10, Cxcl9, Il12b, Il1b, Il6, Casp8, Tnf-α
  1. The splicing array consisted of 1,717 oligonucleotide probes representing alternate transcripts arising from 108 TK. The experiment was repeated four times, with dye-swap. LPS, lipopolysaccharide; TK, transcriptional framework; Tlr, Toll-like receptor.