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Table 4 Enrichment of gene pairs defined by dMCEs across gene expression clusters

From: Patterns of sequence conservation in presynaptic neural genes

Cluster # Observed gene pairs Expected gene pairs Enrichment P value
3 268 34.7 7.7 2.99E-154
2 91 18.6 4.9 1.16E-34
5 321 71.9 4.5 2.50E-121
1 158 49.6 3.2 1.12E-37
4 39 15.1 2.6 1.41E-07
  1. The enrichment of the number of gene pairs defined by intergenic and intronic dMCEs in different clusters is shown in order of decreasing enrichment. The table lists cluster # (see Figure 5 for cluster expression patterns), the observed number of gene pairs, the expected number of gene pairs by chance, the enrichment of observed gene pairs, and the one-tailed binomial P value for the observed enrichment. dMCE, duplicated most conserved element.