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Table 3 Selenoproteomes and environmental conditions of 18 selenoprotein-rich organisms

From: Dynamic evolution of selenocysteine utilization in bacteria: a balance between selenoprotein loss and evolution of selenocysteine from redox active cysteine residues

Phyla/organisms Number of selenoproteins Selenoproteins (number) Aerobic/anaerobic Temperature (°C)
   Syntrophobacter fumaroxidans 31 SelD, FdhA (6), FrhA (3), FrhD (8), HdrA (7), GlpC (3), peroxiredoxin, HesB-like, MsrA Anaerobic 20-25
   Syntrophus aciditrophicus 19 SelD, FdhA (4), FrhD (4), HdrA (4), peroxiredoxin, GrdA, GrdB, Prx-like thiol:disulfide oxidoreductase, thiol:disulfide interchange protein, HesB-like Anaerobic 20-25
   Desulfotalea psychrophila 12 SelD, FdhA (4), GlpC, Prx-like thiol:disulfide oxidoreductase, SelW-like, FrhA, FrhD, HdrA, ArsC-like Anaerobic 7-10
   Anaeromyxobacter dehalogenans 11 FdhA (3), SelD, peroxiredoxin (3), proline reductase, thioredoxin (2), DsbA-like Anaerobic 30
   Desulfovibrio vulgaris 8 SelD, FdhA (3), DsrE-like, GlpC, HesB-like, FrhA Anaerobic 25-40
   Geobacter metallireducens 8 SelD, FdhA, Prx-like thiol:disulfide oxidoreductase, thioredoxin, FrhD, peroxiredoxin, thiol:disulfide interchange protein, NADH oxidase Anaerobic 25-30
   Geobacter sulfurreducens 8 SelD, FdhA, Prx-like thiol:disulfide oxidoreductase, thioredoxin, distant AhpD homolog, glutaredoxin, HesB-like, SelW-like Anaerobic 30-35
   Geobacter uraniumreducens 8 FdhA (2), SelD, Prx-like, thioredoxin, proline reductase, thiol:disulfide interchange protein, distant AhpD homolog Anaerobic 30-35
   Desulfovibrio desulfuricans 7 SelD, FdhA (3), FrhA, HesB-like, DSBA-like Anaerobic 25-40
   Desulfuromonas acetoxidans 6 SelD, GrdA (2), GrdB, HesB-like, distant ArsC homolog Anaerobic 25-30
   Alkaliphilus metalliredigenes 11 FdhA, peroxiredoxin (2), GrdA, GrdB, proline reductase, HesB-like, glutaredoxin (2), SelW-like, AhpD-like (COG2128) Facultative 30
   Syntrophomonas wolfei 10 SelD, FdhA (5), FrhD, HdrA, peroxiredoxin, distant Prx-like thiol:disulfide oxidoreductase Anaerobic 20-25
   Carboxydothermus hydrogenoformans 9 SelD, FdhA (2), GrdA, GrdB, homolog of AhpF N-terminal domain, FrhD, thioredoxin, HdrA Anaerobic 78
   Desulfotomaculum reducens 8 SelD, FdhA (2), FrhD (2), HdrA, SelW-like, DsbA-like Anaerobic 20-25
   Clostridium difficile 6 SelD, FdhA, GrdA, GrdB (2), proline reductase Anaerobic 25-40
   Moorella thermoacetica 6 SelD, FdhA (2), HdrA, FrhD, glutaredoxin Anaerobic 58
   Symbiobacterium thermophilum 12 FdhA (3), SelD, GrdA, GrdB, HesB-like, AhpF N-terminal domain, peroxiredoxin, SelW-like, DsbG-like Microaerophile 60
   Treponema denticola 6 SelD, Gpx, GrdA, GrdB (2), thioredoxin Anaerobic 30-42