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Table 3 PA14-specific regions containing genes required for C. elegans killing

From: Genomic analysis reveals that Pseudomonas aeruginosa virulence is combinatorial

PA14 region ID Number of genes in region GC contenta PA14 gene ID Previously assigned gene name Gene function Correlation coefficient of gene with rank order of virulence Position of gene in Figure 4c
PA14R09 14 58.5 PA14_03370b   Unknown 0.02 1
PA14R38 12 46.4 PA14_23420b ORF_10 O-antigen biosynthesis   2c
    PA14_23430 ORF_11 O-antigen biosynthesis   3c
PA14R41 8 66 PA14_27680b C118 Unknown 0.63 4
    PA14_27700b C120 Putative transcriptional regulator 0.63 5
PA14R77 3 53.9 PA14_58760 pilC Type 4 fimbrial biogenesis   Not on oligo arrayc
PA14R78 112 59.7 PA14_59010b RL107 Unknown 0.44 6
    PA14_59070 RL102 Unknown 0.44 7
PA14R79 2 54.9 PA14_60290b pilW Type 4 fimbrial biogenesis   Not on oligo arrayc
  1. aGC content of the PA14 genome is 66.3 ± 4.3%. bThese mutants were grown on minimal media and all had wild-type growth curves. cThese gene clusters are present in all P. aeruginosa isolates, but the sequences are highly divergent. Oligos for the PA14-specific O-antigen cluster were included on the array, but none of the other strains contained the PA14-version of these genes. The two clusters involved in type 4 fimbrial biogenesis were not included on the array because the sequences were not sufficiently different to pass our criteria for oligo design (see Materials and methods).