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Figure 1

From: Genomic analysis reveals that Pseudomonas aeruginosa virulence is combinatorial

Figure 1

Circular map of the PA14 genome. The outermost circle represents the chromosomal location: major and minor ticks represent 500 and 100 kb increments, respectively. The origin and presumptive terminus of replication are indicated by green and red arrows, respectively. The locations and orientations of predicted genes are shown by rectangles in the next pair of circles; genes on the outer circle are transcribed on the plus strand and genes on the inner circle are transcribed on the minus strand. The genes are color-coded according to functional categories (see below). Blue arrow heads indicated the locations and relative orientations of four ribosomal RNA gene clusters; the published PAO1 sequence contains an inversion (gray arrow) with respect to PA14 resulting from a presumptive recombination event between two of the rRNA clusters. The innermost circle represents the GC content as calculated for non-overlapping 1 kb windows of the plus strand. A linear map and full annotations of each gene (including color codes for functional categories) are available at the Ausubel lab PA14 sequencing website [20] and the full sequence and annotations have been deposited in GenBank (GenBank: CP000438).

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