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Figure 4

From: CellProfiler: image analysis software for identifying and quantifying cell phenotypes

Figure 4

CellProfiler analysis of a Forkhead (FOXO1A) cytoplasm-nucleus translocation assay. (a) Example images from the high throughput image set in human U2OS osteosarcoma cells, showing no treatment (left) and 150 nM Wortmannin (right) after 1 hour treatment, scale unknown. (b) Translocation scored as the fraction of cells whose ratio of GFP in the cytoplasm versus the nucleus was above a threshold. Error bars = SEM. (c) Statistical analysis using Z' and non-logistic-fit V factors, which are standard measures of assay quality (>0.4 is considered screenable and 1 is an ideal assay) [63-65]. (d) Nuclei change shape in response to wortmannin but not LY294002, as judged by three shape features. Error bars = SEM; *p < 0.05.

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