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Table 6 Catalytic variants lacking all accessory domains

From: Genome-wide review of transcriptional complexity in mouse protein kinases and phosphatases

MGD symbol Transcripts Catalytic Accessory domains removed
B230120H23Rik AB049732 + SAM, H+ transporter IPR000194
Bmp2k AK046752 + IPR011051 RmlC-like cupin
Camk2d AK032524 + NTF2
Dcamkl1 AK032424 + Doublecortin domain
Ddr2 AK132504 + Ligand binding ectodomain
Irak2 AY162380 + Death domain
Jak1 BC031297 + SH2, Band4.1/Ferm
Map3k14 AF143094   omega toxin-like. (SSF57059)
Mapk8 AB005663 + H+ transporter IPR000194
Mast1 AK141034 + PDZ domain (IPR001478).
Pik3r4 AK042361 + ARM repeat fold, WD40 repeats and HEAT repeats.
Plk4 AK045082 + C-terminal polo-box domain
Ppm1a AF369981 + SSF81601 Protein serine/threonine phosphatase 2C, C-terminal
Prkx AK039088 + Protein kinase c terminal domain(IPR000961)
Ptpn21 D83072 + Band4.1/Ferm
Ptprb AF157628 + Ligand binding ectodomain
Ptprd BC025145 + Ligand binding ectodomain
Ptpre U36758 + Ligand binding ectodomain
Ptprg AK144283 + Ligand binding ectodomain
Ptprs AK159320 + Ligand binding ectodomain
Ptpro U37466 + Ligand binding ectodomain
Rps6kc1 BC058403 + MIT, PX
Stk36 AK007188 + ARM repeat fold
Tns1 AK053112 + SH2 and pleckstrin homology/phosphotyrosine interaction domain
Zap70 AB083210 + SH2