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Table 4 Loci with well supported alternative 5' exons

From: Genome-wide review of transcriptional complexity in mouse protein kinases and phosphatases

Intron Type Count MGI symbol
1 ME_exon 16 Abl1, Adck1, Brd4, Dusp14, Mark2, Pak1, Pdp1, Pkn3, Prkacb, Prkar1a, Ptp4a3, Ptprs, Raf1, Riok2, Sgk, Srpk2
  Intronic 9 Acvrl1, Ccrk, Cdk9, Ntrk2, Pim3, Ppp4c, Prkcn, Prkwnk1
2 ME_exon 1 Sgk3
  Intronic 1 Ptp4a2
3-4 ME_exon 6 Mast3, Limk2, Pak6, Pftk1, Pkn1, Prkcz
  Intronic 0  
5> ME_exon 6 Dcamkl1, Lats2, Plk1, Ptprd, Tns1, Tns3, Ttn
  Intronic 2 Mylk, Ptpro
  1. The Intron column refers to the intron where alternative transcript begins, and the Count column shows the number of loci in each class. Intronic, starts in intron runs into next exon; ME_exon, mutually exclusive first exons.